2 Fun Ways to Eat Pie (Healthy Peach Cobbler)

Hey yall! I made Fully Raw Kristina’s Raw Peach Cobbler the other day and it was sooooooo good. Like freakin’ delicious. I advise all of you right now to go to her video and make it (see video below.)  However, I did NOT eat it raw, I baked it.


Like I said above, I didn’t eat this pie raw, but I baked it.

But I didn’t want to eat it the old fashion way, so I got a little crafty in the kitchen and came up with two ways to eat this pie.


#1 Bake it in a Mason Jar.

Press the crust against the bottom of the mason jar and along the sides half way up.


Line the sliced peaches along the sides above the crust and place more peaches in the middle. Then add nectarine sauce on top.


Add more of the crust as a crumble on top of the peaches.


Add more peaches topped with the nectarine sauce. Add a little more crust crumble. Topping off with pecans is optional.


Bake for 15 to 20 minutes on 350 degrees and Wahhh Lahh!!!

 I love having pie in a mason jar! AND it’s perfect as a party gift. You can even decorate it with a ribbon or twine!!! … Am I the only one excited?

# 2 Make Mini Pies

Press the crust into the bottom of the mini ceramic pans and top it with chopped peaches, the nectarine sauce, crust crumbs and pecans. Bake at 350 degrees for 5 to 7 minutes.




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