3 Fun Ways to Workout

Exercising everyday can get a bit boring at times. I mean who wants to stroll into the same boring gym everyday? I know I don’t. That’s why I try to make sure some of my daily activities are a workout in itself. It’s pretty awesome actually.



 How long has it been since you been rollerskating? For a lot of us this was a childhood staple. Bring back your inner child and go skating with you friends or family. It can even make for a great date.

  • For a 185 lbs. person rollerskating for only 30 mins can burn up to 311.
  • What it works? Glutes, Hamstrings, Adductors, Abs




You know when your at a party and your song come on and your gettin’ it like no other? Then once the song goes off your hearts pumping and suddenly you need some water. Welllll… your working out! And you don’t have to be at a party to dance. Turn on your headphones, click that Yonce playlist and dance! Do an hour, you’d be surprised how much you’ll be sweating. I watch Kieira LaShae dance workout videos, and let me tell you I learned how to twerk and some reggae moves. Watch out now!

  • Depending on your weight you can burn 370 to 600 calories hip hop dancing in an hour.
  • What it works? Everything. Move ya body! But TWERKING will get those thighs right!


Yup that’s me. I absolutely love hiking! You a chance to explore nature for a day. All the rocky inclines and mazes of mother nature makes for the perfect workout. I recommend taking a day long hike with a friend (or boyfriend/girlfriend like I did) and spend the day together exploring this beautiful world God has blessed us with.

  • Calories burned vary, depending on weight, time, speed and incline
  • What it works? Quads, Hamstrings, Abs, Glutes, Calves, Hip Muscles


These are some of my favorite workouts to do every once in a while. But I must admit, I’ll be adding dancing much more. Sorry for the ratchetness in my post, it just helps me get my point across. LOL


Love yourself.  Fitty Fattys.

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