A Healthy Treat & Me.

I wish that mini tummy pooches were sexy and that eating a lot didn’t add weight, that things just worked between you and the person you love, that money wasn’t necessary for everything, that it really didn’t matter what others think, that I can thrive in my dream job and be at total peace. I wish I wish oh how I wish. Life has its ups and downs, its twist in turns. And yeah, I am blessed and have absolutely nothing to complain about, but at times I feel myself caving in with sadness. So I pray I pray oh how I pray. Then I eat I eat oh how eat.

And this was my healthy treat today.

My friends and I went to the movies today but we wanted to bring a healthy treat. SO we mad dark chocolate covered tangerines. Super easy.

Ingredients: Baker’s Dipping Dark Chocolate, Tangerines

Step One: Peel tangerines

Step Two: Heat up desired amount of chocolate for 1 minute and 15 seconds. Then stir until creamy.

Step Three: Dip each slice of tangerine in chocolate covering only half.

Step Four: Place slices on wax paper and wait for the chocolate to harden.

Step Five: Eat up!!!

-Fitty Fattys

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