Faith moves God.

I  will be starting my senior year at Howard University next week. This is  a bittersweet feeling, I know it’s time to really bring it. I’ve been applying for internship after internship this Summer, and today I just felt stressed, anxious, and worried about getting one. My lovely mother saw the doubt in my eyes and like any great mother would do, laid that sweet motherly knowledge on me.

She told me do not be anxious, stress, or worry. Those are feelings that show lack of faith in God. Now I’m a believer in Jesus Christ, but sometimes these emotions overwhelm me.

She told me the Bible says “be anxious for nothing”.. Basically God got your back! God will not hold nothing good back for his children. If there is a door he doesn’t allow to be open, there is probably something better down the road.

My mother worked at IBM for 25 years and was laid off. She had no problem receiving her next job, but the jobs she “saw herself in” she never got. After countless rejections she eventually she stopped worrying about getting that “perfect” job. She knew that God had her. Once all the worry was gone God’s favor rushed upon her. Now she’s working at Chevron as a business analyst.  She is very happy.

I wrote this to say that God moves by your faith in Him, not fear.

Totally not health related, but it’s good for your soul.

-Tiffany Malone

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