Gotta Sweet Tooth? Healthy Sweets!

A couple weeks back I went to the Taste of DC. Yes a festival dedicated to food… my love.  I bought some cookies, muffins and a pie. I have a major sweet tooth. Now, I know your reading this thinking “isn’t this a health blog”? Well the answer is yes.  All the treats were healthy alternatives to the normal thousand calorie bakery item. These treats hold nutritional value.

Meet the Banana Love Muffin.These babies are dairy-free, fat free, no sugar added vegan muffins. These perfectly moist tiny bites are great for a sweet tooth pick me up. Visit to order.



Meet Ms. Bean Pie. First of all, I didn’t even know this was a BEAN pie when I was eating it. It taste just like grandma’s sweet potato pie, if you ask me.This is a must try. Chef Nadine Bailey- Joyner, the creator of this treat, has been a chef for many years. However, her food wasn’t always the most nutritious. Once she started to run into health problems, she made her food delicious AND nutritious. Now she feels better than ever! Visit to order.

IMG_6625I’ll be sure to keep you updated on more nutritious treats I come upon.


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