How to Burn More Calories Working Out

Hello fit friends! Ever feel like you worked your butt off during a work out, but when you looked at your calorie count app  you only burned a small amount of calories? I’ve came upon this problem recently. I ran a mile yesterday and I only burned 92 calories. Granted I could have ran longer to burn more, but I had things to do.

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So here are a few things you can do to  burn even more calories on your next work out.

1. Turn the air conditioning off OR add another layer of clothing. Simple. You sweat more in warm conditions, which means more calories are being burnt. If your working out outside I recommend adding some extra layers of clothing before working out. Feel the burn!

2. Add in high intensity intervals. When you work out at a comfortable rate don’t expect your burned calorie count to be high. During your work outs go hard for 1 minute then switch to a moderate pace. Do this all through your work out and the calories you burn will be great. Plus you burn more in less time. Pretty sweet.

3. Start fast. When you exercise at a faster pace you’re more likely to keep the intensity throughout the workout. Thus, burning more calories in return.

4. Eat a snack. Eating a low calorie snack, such as a banana will give you the energy you need to beast your work out.

5. Run on incline. Running on incline forces your body to work harder, and therefore more calories are being burned. So find a hill and truck it!

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