Is Skinny a Synonym for Healthy?

The modern society often relates slender figure with healthy lifestyle. Tons of guides, blogs, conferences and TV shows hosted by beautiful skinny people, promoting healthy dieting habits and activities. On the other hand, many people will set their health goals toward perceived beauty, rather than feeling good and healthy. Everybody wants to be thin. Advertisements and pop-culture role models smirk at any excess body weight, in a way relating thinness with wealth and success. However, being skinny needn’t reciprocate as healthy.

Not all Fat is Bad

A recent study has shown that there are several kinds of fat. Apparently, fat that is deposited just under the skin cannot be related to metabolic disorders like heart problems or diabetes. Actually, it is the fat massed in deeper tissues and organs like liver, as well as fat amassed in muscles that increases the risk of these chronic conditions. If someone is lean built, it means they don’t have much under skin fat showing up, but them might have developed visceral fat within their tissues and organs. So remember, it’s the kind of fat that matters.

Being Thin Doesn’t Justify Skipping Exercise

Nutritionists warn that thin people should exercise too. It isn’t rare that lean patients are diagnosed with diabetes, and then reveal that they haven’t been exercising for a long time. Exercise keeps the diabetes at bay and also regulates the cholesterol level. The bottom line is, if you have always been slim, and were lucky enough to inherit a metabolism like a nuclear submarine, that shouldn’t exempt you from exercising regularly.

Slim People Avoid Health Tests

As thinness is associated with health and good metabolism, many thin people disregard important health tests, which may warn against developing of future chronic conditions. It is true that weight is related to chronic health issues like diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension (high blood pressure), often times there’s more to it than that. Despite dieting and exercising, even people with high metabolism may develop these conditions later in life due to heredity. Failing to check your condition on occasions may postpone the discovery of symptoms leading to more serious conditions.


This condition may be caused by avoiding healthy whole foods diet and failing to exercise, and all for the same reason – thinness. Bone density issues like osteoporosis and brittle bones can be avoided by throwing on some muscle mass onto your slender figure. Shakes with casein protein powder can help you stay lean and still get sufficient nutrients without excess calorie intake.

Can your Diet Beat Calorie Counting?

Impressed by the media image of perfect bodies, people often worry about staying thin and fit which leads to paying more attention to calorie count, than to type of foods they are eating. It is more effective and definitely healthier to take the whole picture of your diet, and do the adjustments than to count the calories you consume on a daily basis. Of course, you should always measure your portions to avoid overeating, but if your plate consists of a pile of fruits, vegetables combined with protein or whole grains, you are more likely to enjoy your healthy diet than counting calories.

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Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating on Faculty of Sport Science, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing advices for better life. Follow him on Twitter.

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    This is so true! I myself am slim, once I told my friend, whom is overweight, that I need to get into shape too. I then referred to myself as being a skinnyfat person because while I have a high metabolism and small frame, I’m unhealthy. Thanks for the tips, especially on osteoporosis; although I’m young its something I’ve wondered about.

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