I’ve Been a Bad Girl

      I have to be real with you guys. This past weekend I haven’t ate too well. I mean, I’ve been down right dirty to be frank. Donuts, cookies, frozen yogurt galore, and let’s not mention the cheesy mexican cuisine I had for dinner.  It all started at my job (I work at a frozen yogurt spot). We had a new donut in our bakery case and the owner urged me  to try one. So I’m thinking, sure I’ll eat half. That’s when my taste bud turned for the worse. The owner came back and told us we could take the rest home, and let’s just say the donuts didn’t make it out the store. I usually can reframe from the sweet temptation of my job. However, that first bite of that delicious donut had me craving more and more bad foods.


Sugar can be as addicting as some drugs. It gives that same “good feeling”.  In fact, a study shows that intense sweetness can give a greater neurological reward than cocaine. So be careful.  I’ve done some research on how to stop those sugary goodies.

1. Keep a healthy snack around, to stop from picking up a bad one.

2. Stay away from fat-free products. Why? Because most  fat free products contain a lot of sugar. 

3. Chew gum. A study shows that chewing gum reduces sweet cravings.

Find more ways to stop sugar cravings at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kristin-kirkpatrick-ms-rd-ld/sugar-addiction-_b_3861957.html

My dad came to visit me this weekend. Needless to say, that added to my bad eating. Not making any excuses, but it happens. I beat myself over it. Felt really guilty, but then I realized it’s OK. There are times when you slip up, but don’t waste your time focusing on it. Instead  move on and keep striving for your goals. Personally I think it’s OK to eat a little “dirty” on special occasions, but better believe I’m back to eating clean and training mean today!

Oh, and if you’re going to eat bad drink A LOT OF WATER at least.


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