Making the Healthy Choice When Out to Eat

I am a huge advocate of enjoying the food you eat, especially while eating out. I have no time to spend money on food that doesn’t taste good. (and I know you don’t either.)  So here are some tips on how to keep your eating out habits healthy.


Hop Doddy’s Tuna Burger

First of all, when eating out only look at the calories of the meals that interest you. Picking the lowest calorie meal on the menu might sound like a healthy logical idea, however it can be hazardous. There has been many times when I’ve went out to eat and gotten the healthiest meal possible, but it was nasty. Therefore, I was unsatisfied and five minutes later I bought something I actually did liked. In return, I ate double the calories. So go ahead and pick a meal you actually enjoy, you deserve it. But definitely look at the calories to make a tasty and healthy choice.

Secondly, get a to-go box before eating your food. A lot of restaurants give big serving sizes (if they’re nice). And oh, how I love when I see a big plate full of delicious food. However, you don’t need all that food in one meal. So when you receive your food, take that to-go box and put half of your meal in there. You will soon realize that you didn’t need all that food it one serving anyways. You will thank yourself later, when you see that to-go box in the fridge, just waiting to be consumed.

Step away from the soda machine. I love when a waiter/waitress ask me what I would like to drink. Water is always the answer. It not only gives me a chance to step my water game up, but its FREE. I always try to drink two cups when I’m out to eat. A 20 oz Sprite is 240 calories. That is 240 more calories added to your meal. Just don’t do. You know how many calories are in water? ZERO, do that!

Lastly, cancel those dirty, naughty toppings and sauces. (Well just the fatty ones.) You can eliminate 90 calories from your burger or sandwich just by saying “no mayo please”. Just one tablespoon of that stuff is 90 calories. You must also be aware of dressings, two table spoons of ranch dressing is 110 calories. And I know, you know, I know, that you don’t use just 2 table spoons. I’d say the average person uses about 4 tablespoons worth of dressing on there salad. And thats being nice. Don’t go with the ranch dressing, try something else with less calories. There are other options just look for them. The app MyFittnessPal and Fooducate are perfect for this. Check out the calories and nutritional value of different sauces. Your body will thank you.

Here are some examples of some of the tasty yet healthy meals I buy when I’m on the go.


Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl


TGI Friday’s Jack Daniels Salmon


Cosi’s Alaskan Salmon Salad


Sweet Green Falafel Chickpea Salad


Panera Bread Soup Unknown


Cava Mezze Make Your Own Bowl


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