How to Make Healthy (Vegan) Sweet Potato Pie!

How to Make VEGAN Healthy Sweet Potato Pie


Yoooooooooooo! I know I always say that I am so excited to share “insert whatever recipe here —” BUT TODAY, I am really so, so, SO excited to share this recipe with you all. If you read the title, you know I am talking about my soon to to be world famous Sweet Potato Pie! It’s freaking, FREAKING delicious… and yes, it’s healthy AND vegan, but it sureeeee don’t taste like it. So get your pens and paper ready to write down this recipe because you’ll be coming back to this recipe time and time again. I really must love you guys. Well, if you’re reading this, I really REALLY do!

Check out this video for the step by step instructions.

Ingredients- (2)


Preheat Oven 350


Step 1: Blend oat flour, dates and pecans separately and add each ingredient into a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Then add in your maple syrup and a little water (if needed).

Step 3: Mix all the ingredients together with a potato masher and/ or your hands.

Step 4: Once the mix is dispersed equally place the mix in a pan lined with parchment paper.

Step 5: And then mold the mix into the the pan to form the crust.


Step 1: Peel and cut sweet potatoes and boil them until soft and then place them into a bowl.

Step 2: Blend dates and add to sweet potatoes.

Step 3: Add maple syrup, pure vanilla extract, coconut sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg to the mix.

Step 4: Then mix all ingredients together with a potato masher and/or your hands and then scoop the mix into the pan lined with crust.

Step 5: Smooth out the mixture and out the oven for 30 minutes.

Step 6: Take it out the oven and let it cool.

Step 7: NOW EAT, eat it good, eat that pie just like you should. Right now, eat it good. Eat that pie just like you should.



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Carrot Apple Juice Recipe!

How to Make Carrot Apple Juice!


Am I the only one who sometimes craves a bright detoxing juice? Ok, ok I just may be the only one, but everyone needs a good carrot juice in their life every once in awhile. So I’m here to share this delicious Carrot Apple Juice with you. It’s easy!



6 Whole Carrots

2 Red Apples

1/2 Cup of 100% Coconut Water


Step One: Rinse off carrots and apples.

Step Two: Peel skin off both apples and cut them into slices. (Now I know apple skin has a bunch of benefits, but I hate the way apple skin taste juiced.)

Step Three: Juice the six whole carrots & two peeled apples.

Step Four: Pour half cup of 100% coconut water into a cup and then add in the carrot apple juice.

Step Five: Mix up the concoction and refrigerate.

Now drink, drink, DRINK and absorb all the benefits that are listed below. 

Carrot Juice Benefits:

Overall Health

Improves Immune System

Reduces Chance of Heart Disease

Reduces Cholesterol

Heals External Wounds

Heals Gums

Decreases Chances of Cancer

Improves Bone Health

Cleanses the Liver

Beauty Health

Aids in Hair Growth

Aids in Nail Growth

Acne Prevention

Fights Ageing

Protects Skin from Sun Damage

Weight Loss

Increases Metabolism

Increases Energy

Builds Muscle

Cleanses Body

Aids in Digestion

Fitty Fatty Tip: Save carrot shreds and freeze them for an amazing mango carrot smoothie!

xoxo Fitty Fattys

Healthy Halloween Treats!

It’s Halloween time again, so why not have some FUN. Now you know I had to make sure you all have some healthy options during this time of the year. So let’s get started with 4 healthy Halloween Treats for the holiday! . . . Oh, and you’re welcome.

I had so much fun making these treats and my family & friends had so much fun eating them.

Tangerine Pumpkins


        Now these had to be the easiest to make! All you have to do is peel a tangerine and a place a  pretzel stick in the middle. But be careful when peeling, because the tangerine can come apart pretty easily. And if you want to get a  little more fancy, dip your sticks in some dark chocolate before sticking them into the tangerine. Being the “chocolate covered everything” addict I am, I totally recommend it.

*I used Glutino, gluten free pretzel stick.

Peanut Butter Banana Cracker Pretzel Spiders


          Omg, these peanut butter banana spiders are the perfect Halloween snack for both kids and adults alike. I mean how fun? All you have to do is take 1 cracker and spread a minimal ingredient peanut butter on top (I used Justins of course). Then you stick 4 pretzel sticks on each side of the the cracker, as seen in the picture above. Next add on a banana slice and top that with some more peanut butter so it can act as a yummy glue for the 2nd cracker you place on top. To give the spider eyes, take two dark chocolate chips with peanut butter spread on the bottom (for sticking purposes) and place them on the  top front of your cracker.

For the small spiders I broke the pretzels in half and only used three pretzel sticks on each side. 

*I used Back to Nature Crackers, Justin’s Peanut Butter and Glutino gluten free pretzel stick.

Spooky Popcorn Trail Mix


Now you should know that most trail mixes are loaded will calories, because they usually have a lot of sugar and bad oils in the pre made packages. And of course the nuts play a major role in that as well. But this Spooky Halloween Trail Mix is low and calories and high and goodness! I mean, my family tore it up, like freaking scarfed it down!  And it was so easy to make. All I did was put some popcorn in a bowl and added my favorite fixings: Goji Berries, Almonds, Raisins, Cereal, and I topped it off with honey!

*I used Skinny POP Popcorn (the Black Pepper kind) & Power O’s Cereal (the chocolate kind)

Healthy Peanut Butter Halloween Cookies


Healthy Halloween Cookies?! There’s no tricks here! These healthy Halloween Cookies are actually delicious! All you have to do is used my peanut butter cookie recipe and add on Reese’s Pieces to the top. Now I know Reese’s Pieces aren’t very healthy, but c’mon it’s Halloween! Live a little!

Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed these Halloween snacks! Please let me know if you made any of them! Have a spooktacular day and safe Halloween.

xoxo Fitty Fattys


 IMG_3644     IMG_3711    IMG_3692

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24 Days Without Processed Foods (ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?)

v e g e t a b l e o f t h e w e e k

Hello everyone.

I have been in a need of a detox . . . in every aspect of my life, but right now I want to focus on food. It seems like every Sunday I tell myself that Monday I’m going to only eat the purest of foods. But it usually just doesn’t work out like that. I find myself absentmindedly snacking on the junk food stash in my office’s break room or  stuffing my face with the mac n’ cheese Mommy just made. Now, don’t get me wrong I do eat healthy 80 percent of the time, but I just want to do better. I want to really make that major change of truly taking care of my body. No more of that “oh one bag of Cheez-Its won’t hurt”, I’m trying to be more of a “I will only put in my body what serves me” type of woman.

That’s why I persuaded my family to do a 24 Day Detox with me (I think it’ll be easier as group.) We will be starting November 1st and ending on Thanksgiving, ’cause lets just face it we grubbin on the 25th!

So here’s the rules, there’s only ONE rule really. Ready? OK here we go…

#1 – Only consumed Real WHOLE Foods- This means NO chemically processed foods in your diet for the next 24 days! NONE.

So I know a lot of you may be wondering, well what is the difference between processed and unprocessed foods? So I’m here to break it down for you.

Chemically processed foods are foods that are made from refined ingredients and artificial substances. These processed foods are often high in trans fats or processed vegetable oils. These foods are also often high in unhealthy fats because they contain cheap refined seed- and vegetable oils that are often hydrogenated, which turns them into trans fats.

Whole REAL unprocessed foods are basically foods that you can grow in your own backyard. They are usually single ingredient foods like, fruits, vegetables and grains. Basically foods in that is in their natural state.

Below is a list of what my grocery list will look like for the upcoming challenge, as well as some examples of what foods are processed.

T h e L i l y p a d

Processed Foods (1)

   So guys what do you say? Are ya’ll up for the challenge. It’s only 24 days!!! Please comment below if you’re in. Let’s do it!

xoxo Fitty Fattys

My Morning Routine


When you wake up, what is the first thing you do? Do you turn over, get your phone and do a little Instagram scrolling? Or do you get up and turn on the morning news while getting ready? Or maybe your mornings are a bit different everyday. At least mine used to be. I’d probably do a little Instagram scrolling or catch up on missed  text messages, or I even might look at my email (a big no no.)

It wasn’t until I listened to my “friend in my head” Hey Fran Hey’s podcast Friend Zone, that I started to make a conscious decision to make sure my mornings prepared me for the rest of the day. So I decided to make a routine that would do just that. What I didn’t realize was that by waking up to text messages and social media post,  I was allowing other people’s energy to set the tone of MY day, without me even realizing it. For example, have you ever woken up to a negative text from your significant other and from that simple text your mood is already brought down a couple notches. Or if you see something on social media that may spark a little envy, that may trigger you to go through the day a little off. And to be honest, life is already hard enough without all that.

So ONE important thing I decided to completely cross out of my morning routine is…  you guessed it, phone usage. No looking at text messages, social media post and definitely NO emails. I will only use my phone to check the time. By eliminating my phone useage I’m allowing myself the option to set the tone of my day before allowing outside influences to.  And while sometimes things may not go exactly the way you want them to, at least you’ll have a little more control.

Now here’s my morning routine that gives me the gusto to take on the day.

Prayer & Gratefulness: When I wake up I automatically break into prayer. It’s usually me thanking God for the wonderful things he has done in my life, including simply waking me up that morning. I mean, it’s so great to be alive. What an opportunity!

Wash Face: Then I roll out of bed and wash my face with Cetaphil (great for oily skin). A splash of water always does a good job of waking me up. But to top it off I rub a cold piece of aloe vera gel on my face to form a mask and then I wash it off. Aloe Vera also does wonders for the skin.

Coconut Oil Pulling: Next I oil pull for about 20 minutes. This usually happens while I getting ready for a workout.

Workout or Walk: I absolutely love getting a walk or run in the morning. There is just something about that morning breeze. I plug in my earphones and coincide my vibes with the music. I go from praising God with my Fred Hammond’s Pandora’s station to Running the World w/ Beyonce. LOL It’s true! But honestly, when I’m walking I also usually take this time to really talk to God once again. What can I say, I just love Him.

Breakfast: And of course, you all know I love to eat! So I make sure I have a healthy filling breakfast. This usually consist of oatmeal or a smoothie. All while watching Good Morning America.

Work on MY Business: After I eat, I do about 30 minutes of social media post for Fitty Fattys. It’s always nice putting something into my business at the beginning of the day. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and productivity when I get to add some sort of value to MY business.

Car Ride Vibes: After I shower, brush my teeth and throw on my clothes, I hop in the car and I keep the positive vibes going. I make sure to have positive and MOTIVATING  music all the way to work. The thing is, I have huge dreams and I have to keep my vision clear in my mind, so I never lose my way. So on this ride to work, I envision my dreams as reality and pray to God for direction.

 So that’s it guys. What does your morning’s look like? Do you plan on changing anything? If so, why?

I hope this post helps!

xoxo FittyFattys

Peach Oatmeal Crumble

Who else loves putting chopped peaches into their oatmeal? Well if you haven’t tried this, I suggest you step up your breakfast game ASAP. However the other morning I wanted to take my oatmeal game to another level, so I came up with this peach crumble recipe that I think you all will thoroughly enjoy.



1 Cup of Oatmeal

1 1/2 Big Peaches

1/2 Banana

5 Dates

1/4 Maple Syrup

Handful of Nuts



Preheat to 350 Degrees

Step One- Put  the oatmeal and 1/2 banana in a bowl. Mash banana into oatmeal and mix well.

Step Two- Blend 1 peach, 1/4 maple syrup and dates in a blender until it’s thoroughly mixed.

Step Three- Add blended mixture to bowl with oats and banana and mix.

Step Four- Add in chopped peaches (half of peach), nuts and cinnamon and mix well into other ingredients.

Step Five- Place mixture into a greased pan and top mixture with sliced peaches.

Step Six- Bake in oven for 20 minutes.

Step Seven- Let it cool for 10 minutes and eat!



You can cut the peach crumble into squares and store it in the refrigerator. :)

xoxo Fitty Fattys


Top 5 Fitness YouTubers

So you want to workout more, but you don’t know exactly what to do or where to start? Or you just don’t want to spend the money on a personal trainer or gym membership. I get it. I don’t have time for that either and I’d rather spend my money on good food. However, that is no excuse to NOT get your workout in. You have free personal training closer than you think. All you really have to do is open your computer.

Yesssss, your computer. All you have to do is delve into the wonderful world of YouTube, where there is a plethora of motivational speakers, funny parodies, music videos, web series, me LOL and of course my favorite, the awesome fitness gurus.

I am an avid YouTube workouter, and these fitness gurus have played a MAJOR role in keeping this body tight. That’s why I’m sharing with you guys my Top 5 Fitness YouTubers so that you too, can keep it tight and get it right. LOL

Note that I am not ranking them in any specific order, I choose my workout partner based on my mood. I <3 em’ all!

Millionaire Hoy

millionaire Hoy

Millionaire Hoy produces new workout videos EVERY SINGLE DAY and a new 30 Day Workout Programs every month. So all you have to do is choose which death workout program you want to pursue and stick to it. No more paying for P90X or Insanity when you have a variety of workout plans coming all from one place. I honestly do not know how he’s doing this. His workouts will make you sweat and burn calories fast. So if you’re looking for consistency, intensity and motivation, this is your guy!

Cassey Ho of Blogilates


Oh, don’t we all love Miss Cassey Ho of Blogilates?! Cassey Ho is the founder of POP Pilates, a workout that combines pilates with some POP! Her workouts will literally make you feel the burnnnnn! And though her workouts will definitely whip you into shape, the positivity radiating from Cassey keeps you going. Cassey will motivate you throughout the entire workout and you will think to yourself, “how in the world is she talking and doing this workout at the same time.” Gotta love her!

Keaira Lashae

Kiera Lashae

Keaira Lashae makes working out sooo fun! When tuning into her channel be ready to twerk, salsa, take part in some 90s hip hop and so much more. Keaira Lashae creates upbeat dance routines from all cultures and turns them into a workout. I can’t tell you how much fun I have doing her videos. She is both motivating and hilarious. And the cool part is you can do these workouts by yourself or with your friends. But don’t get it twisted, her workouts may be a blast, but you will be drenched in sweat at the end of it.

I had a chance to get a hold of Keaira via Twitter and asked her what her #1 health tip was. Here’s what she said:

“Eating clean, plenty of rest and mental clarity for me is at the top of healthy living!”

Christine Salus


If you are looking for some hardcore working out Christine Salus is your girl. She’s so tiny, but boy does she has some endurance. She even has a workout that burns 1000 calories that I have yet to complete. When I need a challenge I know exactly who to turn to!

I had a chance to get a hold of Christine via Instagram and asked her what her #1 health tip was. Here’s what she said:

“Choose a challenging exercise that you haven’t mastered, such as pull-ups, pistol squats or a specific time for a 5k run and works towards it, tracking your progress. I find I am so much more motivated to be consistent with my workouts when I’m moving toward a specific goal.”

Melissa Bender of BenderFitness


Melissa Bender provides fast and heart pumping HIIT workouts. It’s easy to get a quick 15 minute workout that bust a sweat with hervideos. When ever I’m in a time crunch and need a good workout, Melissa Bender is who I usually turn to.

So those are my Top 5 Fitness Youtubers at this particular time, but there are so many other amazing fitness channels on YouTube. Be sure to check out these fitness YouTube Channels as well. You won’t regret it!

Take care of your body.

XOXO Fitty Fattys <3

4 Ways to Whiten Teeth Naturally


I have been tempted to grab those whitening strips off the counter at Wal-Mart, but the healthy hippie in me wasn’t going for it. Well of course, I did some research and found 4 easy ways to whiten my teeth NATURALLY. And I want to share them with you.

But first I want to tell you exactly why I didn’t go for those strips. Some whitening strips contain chlorine dioxide, yes the same chemical used to keep pools clean. This chemical whitens teeth by eating away at the surface of the enamel. However, most whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to brighten teeth. But if the whitening strips contain a high percentage of peroxide it can also eat away at the enamel, cause irreversible gum recession and/or can even (if used too frequently) cause the teeth to become translucent.

Now ya’ll don’t want that do ya’ll?… So here are the 4 ways to get those pearly whites naturally.

Turmeric & Coconut Oil

Brushing with a Turmeric and Coconut Oil paste is said to have a whitening effect on teeth. Although, there is no clear reason to why turmeric whitens teeth, turmeric does have many oral health benefits. A study found that turmeric proved to have anti-plaque, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Coconut oil aids in tooth decay prevention, gum disease and helps clear haliotis. The lauric acid in coconut oil can rid your teeth of bacteria found in plaque that makes them yellow. Yay. So as you can see the combo can work wonders.

Directions: Simply mix solid coconut oil with equal parts turmeric until it makes a brownish orange paste. Brush your teeth with this mixture for 2 to 4 minutes. Then rinse and re-brush with your regular toothpaste.

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal helps to whiten teeth because it soaks up the compounds found in coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, spices, and other foods that stain teeth. But what’s great thing about activated charcoal, is that it won’t harm the tooth enamel because it doesn’t attach itself onto to minerals, such as the calcium that is in our teeth.

Directions: Open activated charcoal capsule and empty the charcoal in your mouth and swish around for 5-8 minutes. Spit out and rinse thoroughly. Or you can brush with activated charcoal by putting it on your toothbrush and brushing regularly. Rinse and re-brush with your regular toothpaste.

Baking Soda & Strawberries

Strawberries are high in Vitamin C, which can help break-down plaque that is causing your teeth to look yellow. It also has an enzyme called malic acid, which may help to remove surface stains. Mixing the strawberries with baking soda will give it an even more whitening boost since the baking soda is mildly abrasive, it can scrub away the stains on your teeth. Plus baking soda is alkaline, so if you have a highly acidic mouth it can help balance the PH.

Directions: Crush strawberries and baking soda together to create a paste. Before applying wipe saliva off your teeth. Then use a toothbrush to apply the paste. Leave the paste on there for 5 minutes and then completely rinse the paste off.

Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut oil pulling has an array of health benefits such as aiding in better sleep, clearer skin, helping with the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay and so much more. However on top of all of those awesome benefits people have seen that it makes a difference in the brightness of their teeth as well. And as a new oil puller myself my teeth feel silky smooth and are shiny after my daily dose of oil pulling. Oil pulling main purpose is to draw out all those gross toxins in your mouth, which cause for healthy, healthy teeth.

Directions: Put about 1 tsp of organic cold press coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around your mouth for 20 minutes. (Feel free to spit out and reapply during the 20 minutes). Then spit and rinse the coconut oil out completely.

That’s it ya’ll, tell me some of your experiences with natural oral health.

xoxo Fitty Fattys


How to Make Healthy Peanut Butter Cookies!


I was in the mood for some peanut butter cookies, but looking at recipes on the internet just called for peanut butter and sugar. Sure,  simple… but not healthy. And you already know, I am all about that healthy. So of course, I decided to do some experimentation in the kitchen and came up with not only a delicious and nutritious peanut cookie, but I also came up with it’s cousin chocolate peanut butter cookie. And ya’ll, I was taken aback about how freaking good it was. I mean so dense, moist AND chewy… Just what I needed. And honestly, it’s just what you need. That’s why I’m sharing it with you guys. You know I love ya’ll!


Now. Let’s. Get. Started.


1 Cup Oatmeal Flour

2 Tbsp of Peanut Butter (Make sure to use a peanut butter w/ minimal ingredients I use Justins Peanut Butter)

4 Pitted Dates

1/4 of Maple Syrup

1/2 Banana

Chocolate Chips, Cacao Nibs, Nuts etc. (Optional) I love me some chocolate chips and nuts so I made a batch w/ toppings and a batch w/o.

For Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies add 1/4 Cocoa or Cacao Powder to the batch.



Preheat oven to 350 Degrees

Step 1: Put oat flour in a bowl. (You can make oat flour by blending oats in a blender.)

Step 2: Add in Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup, Banana and Blended Dates to the Oat Flour.

Step 3: Use a potato masher to smash the banana into the mixture until it is well blended. Or you can blend the banana and pour it into the mix.

Step 4: Since the mixture will be dense (cookie dough like) you will need to either wet or oil your hands so that you can mix up all the ingredients with your hands without getting too messy.

Step 5: Once all the ingredients are mixed well, add in your optional ingredients if you like. Then again mix in those additional ingredients into your mix until they are evenly dispersed.

Step 6: Next, grease your pan and take a small handful of dough and mold it into a shape of a cookie (as the cookie will bake as it is molded). I made mine into 4  medium/ large thick cookies.

Step 7: Place your cookies on the greased pan and then bake them for 15 minutes on 350 degrees.

Step 8: Let the cookies cool off then eat!

Will make 4 medium large sized cookies.


Don’t eat all of them like I did!!! Moderation is key!


So make them, bake them, eat them and tell me how you liked them! Happy Healthy Eating.

xoxo Fitty Fattys

6 Steps To the Life You Want

Know Your Power

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You have the power to take control of your life.  And I’m not just saying this too boost your self esteem and get you all big headed. I’m saying this because it’s true. You can actually do ANYTHING you put your mind too. And I’ll tell you how.

Think. Take sometime time to reflect on what you really want. Think about what you REALLY want your life to be like. What do you want to give to the world? What do you want to learn? Get clear on those desires and make sure they’re actually yours. A lot of times we see other people doing something that may look fun and exciting, but it may not be what you really want. But you start to pursue it anyways. Get clear on what YOU truly want and what your heart aches for.

Ask. In other words, pray. Ask God for what you want.  Put it out there. . . Let it be known. This. Is. What. I. Want. God’s already said He will grant you the desires of your heart. (And I firmly believe he did not put them there for no reason.) But the first step is putting it out there, spark that magic!!! We all are constantly producing energy, whether it’s positive or negative. And by you simply acknowledging and asking for what it is you want, is creating that very energy!!! It’s OUT there. How exciting is that?

Believe. Now you have all of these amazing goals and desires. And you have asked God to bless you with those circumstances. But for some reason you have started to doubt yourself. By doing this you are stopping the flow of that very energy you just put out. Thus, making it damn near impossible to move forward. You are stagnant.  You have to believe. The bible says having faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. MOUNTAINS wow. Believing that you can do something will give the universe no other choice than to give you what you want. And it will show God that you wholeheartedly believe in Him.

Know.  God lives in you. Know your power. Do you understand this? The bible says the Holy Spirit dwells in us. That alone, should show how powerful you are. Use your power.

Plan. You have to put time and energy into researching what it is you want to do, be or create. Knowledge IS power, and you need it to create a dope plan of action. Think about it like this… if someone wants to make the basketball team, they’d most likely would practice everyday, work on different techniques and watch tape of professional players. This is a pretty broad plan, but think if this person really broke it down and focused on the details, how much better they’d be. One of my favorite scriptures is “Write it down, make it plain.” Basically write that ISH down and make it happen!

Take Action. Now do it. Do it everyday and do it GOOD. Do not put mediocre work out there, because you’ll get mediocre results. There are many times when we create a plan, write down our goals and just close the book. We have to take a leap and do it. The right time is the present. What are you waiting for? Go get your blessings.


Jesus says that He came that we may have life, and may have it abundantly. ABUNDANTLY!!! So let’s live this abundant life.

Now go DO Life, Don’t let it do you.


xoxo Tiffany Malone AKA Fitty Fattys