Staying Fit This School Year

Today marks the start of something new for many people. Which also means the summer time splashing in the sun is coming to an end. BUT we don’t want that summer body to  disappear, tarnished by the stresses of homework, internships and/or a new job! This time of the year things get a little more hectic, bullied by the business of life. However, starting today we are going to take control of our lives, we will plan ahead, and we will  maintain a routine that will leads us to our goals. You ready?

#1 Stick to a morning routine. Here’s mine for example or you can do a short youtube workout video to get your day started.morning routine2# Throw away all unhealthy items in your home. If it’s in the kitchen you will eat it! So ONLY bring whole foods into your home. Your body will thank you.

3# Pack your lunch. Eating out is a gateway to unhealthy foods. Let’s face it there are not many healthy on-the-go options, so pack your lunch the night before and have a healthy hearty lunch!

4# Schedule a time to workout. Before you get home from school or work have in your mind that you will work out! After work or school have your workout clothes with you so that you’ll be ready to go straight to the gym, track or park. Work out for  30mins to an 1hr. Consistency is Key.

5# Drink 8 or more glasses of water daily. I’m telling you this health tip will get your tummy RIGHT!

6# Eat a healthy dinner.

7# Sleep good. Make sure you get at least 7-8 hrs a of sleep.


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