The Best Fitness Apps for your Smart Phone!

I am guilty of downloading too many useless apps on my Iphone. Especially fitness ones. I have had everything form the Butt Workouts app to the Ab Trainer X app. Luckily I have recently cleared my phone of all those unnecessary apps and just kept a few of the good ones. After all was said and done, I was only left with 3 fitness apps. I simply adore them.

Fooducate. This app helps you track your health by telling you what is actually in your food. Fooducate will even provide a grade for you. The grades range from A to D. I personally try to always maintain As and Bs. This app also has a scanner so you can scan different food products barcodes. Once you scan the product, Fooducate will bring up all the nutritional value of that item. It’s a great app for grocery shopping.

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MyFitnessPal. This apps helps  keep track of  calorie intake. Now, I know a lot of people don’t like counting calories, but it has helped me a bunch.This app is just something to keep you conscious of your calories you consume. MyFitnessPal is also a food diary, so it’s a great way to keep track of the foods you’ve consumed throughout the day. The best part about this app, is that also keeps track of your carbs, fats, fibers and proteins. Ahhh. Now you see why I love it?

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Nike. This app keeps track of how much you run, how far you run and how fast you run. The Nike also tracks the calories you burn, during your workout. And if that isn’t cool enough you can even challenge your friends to keep you motivated!

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There are many elements to each of these fitness apps. So why not give them a try? Have fun.


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